Mug Cake Recipes

General, Recipes 12th October 2017

So…mug cakes are a thing. According to Lucinda from the office we’re ‘late the party’ on this particular food trend, but this concept blew our tiny little minds and we […]

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Coeliac Cities – Birmingham

General 2nd October 2017

This week we’re going to be heading to what’s commonly known as the United Kingdom’s Second City – no not you Manchester, sit back down – we’re talking about the […]

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General 2nd October 2017

September was a month that for most of us is pretty non-descript. No Bank Holidays (boooo), no sun, no Game of Thrones. The only thing it does have is the […]

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Our Favourite Brands #NFW17

Events 28th September 2017

  Happy National Free From Week everyone! Now, we know for most of us Coeliacs every week is free from week, but this week is all about awareness and appreciation. […]

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Coeliac Spotlight #NFW17 Edition

General 28th September 2017

Since it’s National Free From Week, we thought we’d get back in touch with a couple of our previous Spotlight Stars and squeeze a little more free-from wisdom out of […]

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Coeliac Scenarios: The GCSE Exam

Funny 21st September 2017

As a parent, there are few periods in time quite as stressful as your child’s GCSE week – to be completely frank with you, it’s been hell on Earth. There’ve […]

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Best Blog Recipes – August 2017

General, Recipes 14th August 2017

Kate from the Too Good To Be Office has a little bit of an addiction. It’s had a devastating effect on her family and friends, she’s been unable to sustain […]

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The Best Gluten Free Burger in London

General, Health 1st August 2017

If you’ve been to our great capital recently, then you will have no doubt seen first hand the burger invasion that’s taken control of virtually every street in the Big […]

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Gluten-Free Gifts: What to Get The Coeliac Who Has Everything.

Events, Funny 24th July 2017

We’ve all been there – it’s the day of your bezzie’s birthday party and you’re a sweaty panicky mess, ransacking the Primark gift section for any nail varnish/ankle sock/candle that […]

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