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1. If you’ve done something wrong. Yes, we’re talking about humble pie. Whether it’s a metaphorical pie or a real pie, it’s still pie.

2. They help us to celebrate life and as far as we’re concerned, life needs more celebrations.

3. They are a great gift (who knew?). Surprise a friend with a slice of pie and maybe some homemade chutney.

4. Everyone knows a jolly older person who used to bake pies when they were a youngster. So grab a pie and bask in some good old nostalgia!

5. Pies release endorphins, that chemical in our brain that makes us happy…oh, wait, maybe that’s exercise…no, surely pies?

6. Because life is too short not to.

7. Some pies contain fruit, and getting your five a day is really important.

8. Somewhere in the world it’s someone’s birthday.

9. Because sharing is caring and what better food to share than pie!

10. You’re a mathematician and you’ve just created a super challenging Pi puzzle.

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