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Here’s 10 reasons why going gluten free might be worth a look:

1. Our stomachs can’t fully digest wheat. The parts that get left behind produce gas which can leave you feeling bloated and icky!

2. Refined wheat actually has very little nutritional value, so you’re unlikely to miss it from your diet.

3. By removing gluten filled products from your diet, you leave more room for fruits and veggies.

4. You might even cut down on the booze – that’s right, even some alcohol (beers, ales, lagers and stouts), contain gluten too.

5. Research shows that people suffering from IBS can also benefit from a gluten free diet.

6. Reduced flatulence…need we say more?

7. You’ll up your vitamin intake! Wheat contains something called phytic acid which can reduce the absorption of key minerals like zinc and iron.

8. Around 1% of the UK population is thought to suffer from coeliac disease, and of those, nearly three quarters remain undiagnosed according to estimates from Coeliac UK. That’s around half a million people!

9. Celebs such as athlete, Novak Djokovic and actress Gwyneth Paltrow are big advocates of the gluten free way of life, claiming it makes them feel better and less tired.

10. An excellent excuse to eat more No.G pies!

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