Gluten Free Food In Edinburgh

General 15th August 2017

So after Scottish Martin’s ordeal on our last Coeliac City adventure (See the York edition), we thought we’d give him a little treat and let him take us around his […]

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Best Blog Recipes – August 2017

General, Recipes 14th August 2017

Kate from the Too Good To Be Office has a little bit of an addiction. It’s had a devastating effect on her family and friends, she’s been unable to sustain […]

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The Best Gluten Free Burger in London

General, Health 1st August 2017

  If you’ve been to our great capital recently, then you will have no doubt seen first hand the burger invasion that’s taken control of virtually every street in the […]

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Gluten-Free Gifts: What to Get The Coeliac Who Has Everything.

Events, Funny 24th July 2017

We’ve all been there – it’s the day of your bezzie’s birthday party and you’re a sweaty panicky mess, ransacking the Primark gift section for any nail varnish/ankle sock/candle that […]

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Coeliac Spotlight – The Coeliac Sloth

General 21st July 2017

A few weeks ago we put out a request on Twitter for participants in the next edition of the Coeliac Spotlight. Out of all the responses there was one who […]

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The Perfect Picnic

General 12th July 2017

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the season you’ve all been waiting for. Summer has finally graced us with its presence and there are few happier to see the sun than […]

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My Big Fat (non) Gluten Free Wedding

General 9th July 2017

It’s the 14th June 2017 and I’m mid way through what I’ve been told multiple times will be the best day of my life. So far we’ll have to agree to […]

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Coeliac Spotlight – Gluten Freak Abroad

General 12th June 2017

In this week’s edition of the Coeliac Spotlight we’ll be throwing some quick-fire questions at Rebecca Oxtoby, the young blogger behind Gluten Freak Abroad. It’s clear from reading her blog […]

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The Coeliac Spotlight – Jonah

General 3rd June 2017

This edition of the Coeliac Spotlight is going to be a very special one indeed, for we have our youngest ever spotlight star at just nine-years-old. Everyone say a big […]

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