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One of the greatest things about the internet, aside from the vast quantities of memes, is its ability to act as a breeding ground for millions of different communities that previously would not have existed. Sure, you could set up a support group at the local community centre back in the day, but the sheer scale of the web means the level of support available out there is bigger than ever before and growing year upon year. For the recently diagnosed, the transition to a gluten free diet has never been easier, and this party down to the wealth of information shared via blogging. Whether it’s recipes, tips for eating out or just general advice on coping with the disease – blogs are a great source of help for those seeking it.

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, for whatever reason, and you’ve a wee bit of a creative streak, then get involved! And if you’re worrying that there are already too many…Don’t. Many people within the Coeliac Community are a bit like us – they can’t get enough of gluten-free blogs! It’s always interesting to read about how other people approach the gluten-free diet, and everyone has something to offer in their own unique way. Below are three of our faves for a little inspiration…



This handy little blog does exactly what it says on the tin – gluten free food for those on a budget. Also promises a tasty gluten-free alternative to anything you could possibly want!


A great blog with an even greater name. We’ve tried a few of Sarah’s recipes in the past and boy oh boy are they good! A slightly more experimental set of recipes for the more outgoing chefs…


Oh She Glows is a hugely successful blog that led to the release of a New York Times best seller in 2014 – not bad, ey? The perfect example of how the right combination of a catchy name, great content and drive can take you far in the foodie world!



Pretty good, right? You’ll notice that each of these bloggers offers something different – and finding your niche is the best way to gain followers fast. You’re also going to need a name – something catchy yet informative. A name that represents who you are and what you do. For example …if you’re a blog that posts recipes for gluten-free Egyptian food, then we’d highly recommend calling yourselves Gluten Kahmun. You can have that one for free.

Anyway, now that you’re psyched up and ready to go, head over to WordPress or Tumblr and get that blog up and running. It really is that simple!

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