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You’re Reading Other Blogs?

A while back we were patting ourselves on the back about how hilarious our blog was when No.G Jake mumbled something under his breath. “Sorry what was that” we asked, “doesn’t matter” he responded, shrinking back into his dark little cave in the corner of the office. Anyway, after a few minutes of aggression and threats relating to his job security he eventually spilled all. HE READS OTHER GLUTEN-FREE BLOGS. We were dumbfounded. Some were deeply hurt, some were in denial, but eventually we came to accept the truth for what it was – there really are some great blogs out there for Coeliacs. So good in fact, that we got Jake to list his top three*, with a recipe from each.

*Being good sports n all that, we’ve removed ourselves from the number one spot that Jake kindly (against his will) placed us in.

  1. Gluten Free on a Shoestring

This blog does what it says on the tin – it’s a fantastic little page full of recipes for those of you on a tight budget. Whilst the recipes for the chocolate brownies and the Swedish pancakes got our taste buds tingling, we opted for something a little on the savoury side – the classic Mac & Cheese with bacon! The meal was cheap, cheerful and boosted morale at TooGood HQ tenfold. Here’s watcha gotta do…



  1. Gluten Free Goddess

A number of you may have already heard of this one, but for those who haven’t, go and check it out! Jake has tried a good few of her recipes and has confirmed that she has indeed earnt the title of Goddess. Not only does she provide delicious gluten-free recipes, she categorizes them into handy little events, helping you craft complete meals based on her recipes. Whether it’s an evening dinner party or a Sunday Lunch, the Gluten Free Goddess has got you covered. We’re supposedly experiencing Summer in the UK at the moment so thought it was only right to share her full set of Picnic-themed recipes!


  1. Wuthering Bites

We do love a good blog name here at No.G, and Wuthering Bites definitely earned their place in our top 3 with this one. Upon entering the blog we were greeted by the sight of a Gluten Free Coffee-Nut & Nutella Meringue Stack, within minutes we had sent Intern Jess down to the local shop to purchase the goods we needed to get to work. Jake kindly volunteered (had no choice) to act as chef for the day and a couple of hours later, voila – our tasty treats were complete. Tens all around from No.G HQ…



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