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The Best Gluten Free Pizza in the UK

We all know that when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. But what’s not amore, is when that tasty looking pizza pie you so desperately want to chow down on is inedible due to upsettingly high quantities of gluten. Lucky for you guys there’s a special someone in your life willing to traipse the country in order to find you the greatest of all the gluten free pizza, yep we’re talking about us!

We know what you’re thinking… “Poor you having to travel around the UK stuffing your faces with vast amounts of amazing pizza” – yes poor us indeed, but our love for you lot knows no bounds, and in the words of the great Meatloaf, we’d do anything for love. Let’s begin.


Daan Saarf AKA Southern England

Ahhh the big smoke – Home of Queen Liz, Jellied Eels, Big Ben, and a whopping great selection of Gluten Free Pizzas! We’re serious. As any Coeliacs living in the capital will know, the amount of restaurants offering quality gluten-free alternatives has shot up in recent times, with many pizzerias now offering a GF base that’ll leave you quaking with joy. No longer must we endure those pathetic, crumbly imposters – not if Stingray Cafe have anything to do with it anyway. Based in Tufnell Park, this authentic Italian offers the crème-de-la-crème of gluten-free pizzas in the big city. Whatsmore, there’s also GF pasta and garlic bread on offer!

We Recommend: The Calzone Vegetariano



Up Norf AKA North of England

We now take a trip up north into unchartered territory, more specifically…Leeds City Centre. Yorkshire’s capital city is home to a very, very good Coeliac-friendly Pizzeria by the name of Ecco Pizzeria. A note on their menu ensures the diner that ‘only those with true grit get a shot at the oven’ – meaning you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. It’s clear that real passion goes into the making of these pizzas, and their GF offering is no different. Had we not been late for our train, we’d happily have stayed and sampled the full selection of ‘Pizzas from around the World’.

We Recommend: The Marrakech



Caerdydd AKA Cardiff

After a long and treacherous trip through The Valleys, we finally made it to Cardiff. With an extremely limited repertoire of the Welsh language, consisting of hello and goodbye, we set out on a mission to see what the Welsh capital had to offer. After attempting to use the welsh we had just learnt, the expressions which greeted us left us feeling slightly deflated, that is until we stumbled across I Giardini Di Sorrento – a true gem of an Italian, located on Cardiff’s City Road. From the moment we were greeted at the door with “Ciao” we knew we were in for a treat…

We Recommend: The 1889 Pizza Margherita. About as legit a Margherita as you’ll find outside of Italy.


The fact there are even enough places selling gluten-free pizza to fill a blog post shows just how far things have come in recent years. Back in the 90’s the post would’ve been titled ‘The pizza places least likely to throw you out for asking for a gluten-free option’. Another sign of how far things have come is the availability of delicious, gluten-free pies & quiches, such as these from yours truly: www.toogoodtobe.com/shop

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