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It’s a very special day here at Too Good To Be. After months and months of preparation, countless sleepless nights and a number of experiments-gone-wrong, we can finally announce that we’re bringing out, not one, not two…BUT THREE BRAND NEW FLAVOURS! As you know, we’re all about providing you with interesting, outside-the-box snacks, and this time is no different. Our heart and soul has gone into making three new goodies that we think you’ll truly love and we couldn’t be prouder of the end product. Time for the grand unveiling…

The Choccoli Quiche

Packed with Organic Milk Chocolate and Long Stem Broccoli in a creamy free range egg custard, hand finished with caramelised onions, resting in our crisp and buttery pastry. We love Brocoli and we love chocolate – so we thought why the heck not! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it…

Snail ‘n’ Kale

Now, when this idea was initially proposed, we felt this particular pie might be better suited to the French palette. Nonetheless, we went ahead with the experimentation process and sure enough…it was bloomin’ gorgeous! Stuffed to the crust with the finest Dorset Escargot and smothered in a delicious Kale and Wasabi flavoured gravy – this is a truly life-changing pie.

Sausage Hole

Admittedly this is more of an evolution than a brand new product and could turn out to be a rather controversial move. It’s probably best if we just go right ahead and say it…we’re removing the sausage from our sausage rolls. What will we put in its place? Nothing – hence the name ‘Sausage Hole’. After a survey of the office, we found that the pastry was the truly valued ingredient in the snack. Why waste valuable chomping time trying to squeeze in a sausage!?


So…what do y’all think? As always, it’s your love and support that pushes us to work tirelessly towards bringing new and exciting concepts to the gluten free pastry world. None of this would be possible without you and for that you have our sincere gratitude. Thank you.

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