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One of the country’s most prestigious pastry makers is launching the UK’s first chilled gluten-free savoury pastry range next month.

Products in the No.G ‘Too Good to be Gluten Free’ range launch on April 8th in all eight English Whole Foods Market stores. Further listings are being discussed with supermarkets, farm shops and delis.

The launch range includes: Slow Cooked Beef & Mushroom Pie, Butternut, Spinach & Emmental Pie, Chorizo Topped Frittata, Cheese & Tomato Topped Frittata, Mini Cheese & Bacon Souffles, Chocolate & Morello Cherry Tart, and Blueberry & Vanilla Cheesecake. Suggested RSPs range from £2.69 to £3.99.

Coeliac UK has certified the brand gluten free. One in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease; however only 10-15% of those individuals have been diagnosed and many more people follow a gluten free diet for other health/diet reasons.

No.G is made by Riverside Bakery in Nottingham which has been a Master Piemaker and Baker since 1931.

Everything is made with the same dedication and spirit that founder Ken Parr, a local Nottingham lad fresh out of training with his City and Guild’s Baker’s Certificate in hand, started with over 80 years ago.

Spokesman Sam Benjamin said “An increasing number of people can’t eat gluten and some of the things they really miss are pastry and pizza dough. We wanted to give them back the British food they love whether that’s a slow cooked beef pie, a sundried tomato & mozzarella pizza or an indulgent chocolate tart.

The secret is all in the pastry. We’ve spent over a year developing a special unique gluten free pastry that tastes wonderful.”

A dedicated website www.toogoodtobe.co.uk, official Facebook Fan page ‘noglutenuk’ and Twitter profile @nog_uk have all been launched to engage with gluten free bloggers.

Sarah Sleet, Chief Executive for Coeliac UK, the national charity for people with coeliac disease, said: “Being able to purchase new gluten free products is a top priority for people with coeliac disease, who must follow a strict gluten free diet for life. In our Shopping Habits Survey 2012, more than 31 per cent of our Members stated they wanted more fresh, gluten free savoury pastry products.

We are working closely with both the manufacturing and catering industries to help them deliver good quality gluten free choices for people with coeliac disease and are delighted that Riverside Bakery is recognising the importance of catering for this market through the launch of their new range of products.”

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