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Happy British Pie Week!

So we’re half way through the greatest week in the calendar year and we’ve already eaten our weight in pie. Seriously, It’s been non-stop chomping here in the office, so we thought we’d take a quick time out to write this blog post! National pie week isn’t just one of those light hearted, farcical national days (here’s looking at you National Socks and Sandals Day), it truly is a time to indulge, and a time to thank the lords of pie for their glorious gift to the world. If it’s your first time celebrating British Pie Week, you may be left wondering what it is you must do to pay your respects to earth’s greatest pastry – well the possibilities are truly endless, but here are a few things that we’d suggest:

The first and most obvious – get yo’ pie on. This is a judgement free week, and there really is no better time to stuff your face with as much pie as possible. It’s a week to push the boundaries and embark on a voyage of self discovery. Try some pies you’ve never tried before, perhaps go to town on your own little pie buffet – here’s one to get you started:


Red Thai Chicken Pie



Now, every sane human being out there loves a nibble on a pastry, and National Pie Week provides you with that perfect excuse to ask your crush on a pie date. Perhaps it’s the chap sitting opposite you in Library, that woman you accidentally ‘super liked’ on Tinder, or your Uber driver – whoever it is, anything goes this week. Pick somewhere scenic, fill a picnic basket with pie, invite your crush to said location and voila, you’ve got yourself a pie date! If your crush doesn’t turn up you’ll find yourself alone with a very healthy portion of pie – it really is win win…

Here’s the perfect pie to start that picnic off with a bang:


Pork Pie



Sing for your supper. This is a bit of a strange one, but it could bag you a HUGE load of pie. For months now, we’ve been psyching up our fellow members of staff by belting out pie ballads across the office. Staff must change the lyrics to a famous song, re-writing the track to something a little more pie-friendly. Some love it, many hate it, but it shows no sign of stopping. It’s been going on for a while now, and the river of ideas is running a little dry. That’s where you come in; we need a little more inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. Follow the link below to our latest Facebook post and blow us away with your lyrical prowess…




Have a great Pie Week, folks!

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