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There’s the ability to connect with old school friends, there’s a wealth of previously-unavailable information on every possible subject you could wish to read up on, and then there’s Tinder; But everyone knows that the greatest thing about the invention of the internet is the sheer amount of recipes we now have access to. Those mysterious beings we like to call ‘bloggers’ are out there working day and night posting recipe after recipe for our own viewing pleasure and boy are we thankful. Put those books down Margaret, here’s where you’re going to find the best gluten free Christmas recipes this year…


The Gluten Free Blogger


It’s not hard to guess what this particular blog specialises in. In case you couldn’t work it out, Sarah Howells is a UK blogger known for whipping up incredible gluten free recipes. She has a whole section on her website dedicated to her fab festive recipes, and if you know what’s good for you, then you’ll have a crack at making these fab mince pies…



Free From Fairy


Vicky Montague aka The Free from Fairy, is a half scientist/half baker supermum offering up some of the best free from recipes we’ve found on the world wide web. Don’t believe us? Just look at this Christmassy Clementine & Cranberry Wreath Bread. Not bad, ey?



Gluten Free Alchemist


Whilst we only recently discovered this great little blog, we wish we’d found it a lot sooner. After her daughter was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2013, Kate embarked on a voyage of culinary discovery that was, as she puts it herself, “Born out of a need to understand a whole new world of gluten free cooking.” Check out her progress and while you’re at it, these delicious marzipan chocolates!



Mummy Tries


Mummy Tries is a fantastically honest and inspiring look into the life of mother-of-three, Renee. The blog covers a range of subjects with a focus on genuinely healthy, unique and free-from recipes. There’s a fantastic recipe for a non-alcoholic paleo Christmas cake that you NEED to try…



Gluten Free On A Shoestring


If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ll know that we’ve got a lot of love for this blog. Nicole’s mantra is that if you can make it with gluten, you can make it without. Amen to that! In the run up to Christmas she’ll be posting some fab festive recipes so be sure to give a few of them a go, especially these Gluten Free Snowball Cookies…



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