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As some of you may be aware, we recently posted a little list of our favourite Instagram accounts out there on the World Wide Web. One account we featured was a relatively new Insta-blog by the name of @TheGlutenFreeBunn. After a few months of stalking from-a-far, we decided it was time to get to know a little bit more about the Bunn behind the blog, and what better way than with a few moderately intrusive quick fire questions!

 So, Sarah, let’s get straight to it! At what age were you diagnosed with Coeliac disease?

I was diagnosed when I was thirteen. Both my Dad and Sister have coeliac disease so my parents thought it was worth getting me tested, even though I had no symptoms to speak of. I had a blood test at the doctors and a endoscopy later confirmed, like my Sister and Dad, I too had coeliac disease. Gone were the days of eating jam doughnuts in the car with mum on the way home from the supermarket as not to upset my coeliac family – I was now one of them!

It’s been 13 years since your diagnosis. The gluten-free landscape sure has changed since then, ey?

It’s actually quite staggering how quickly the GF market has changed, when my Dad was diagnosed in the 80’s the bread he was advised to buy was from Boots and came in a tin like Spam! Back when I was diagnosed, saying the word “coeliac” to waiting staff in restaurants would be met with expressions of confusions and worry, now that has changed for the better. Most restaurants at least are aware of what items on their menu are gluten free even if they don’t have specific gluten free alternatives. The rise in people intolerant to gluten has also helped hugely. The demand is higher so the food market has had to respond to that, and hopefully will continue to do so. I’m still waiting to be able to buy gluten free Battenberg cake though!

Ooh, now that’s an idea! We’ll put a word in with the boys-in-white… We’ve followed your Instagram account from its humble beginnings and love the down-to-earth, realistic outlook you provide of the Coeliac lifestyle. What led you to enter the world of Insta-Blogging in the first place?

When I was diagnosed, I was fortunate enough to have a family who were clued up on all things gluten free. The transition from a gluten-filled life to a gluten free one was relatively smooth; I was lucky, but I know that’s not the case for a lot of people out there. Before I started my Instagram page, I would share my excitement of finding a new gluten free sandwich or new gluten-friendly restaurant with my colleagues and friends only to find (of course!) that they couldn’t care less. It’s so nice that when I do find something new I now have a whole community to share that excitement with!

Word on the street is you’re the go to gal’ for a Gluten Free Dining recommendation. Go!

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