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Since it’s National Free From Week, we thought we’d get back in touch with a couple of our previous Spotlight Stars and squeeze a little more free-from wisdom out of those big ol’ mysterious minds of theirs. First up is official contender for Too Good To Be’s favourite blog name 2017, The Coeliac Sloth…

Welcome back Georgina! First question is a toughie. Aside from your own wonderful blog, what’s your fave blog for gluten free recipes?

My favourite is the Coeliac Sanctuary blog (www.thecoeliacsanctuary.co.uk) – there are hundreds of recipes for any occasion, both savoury, sweet. The little allergen filters on the website makes it so easy to find recipes for other people with different dietary needs too!


Great choice, we’re big fans of Alison and the Coeliac Sanctuary here at TGTB! Okay, how about…favourite hometown restaurant for gluten free food?

Last time I said Chiquitos, because their menu never disappoints, but as I live in Southport, there is a little Italian place there called Trattoria 51 that does gluten free pizza, pasta and beer! The staff are so friendly and they can make around 90% of the menu gluten free!


Bravo Trattoria 51! We know where we’ll be going next time we’re in Merseyside. Any new free-from brands you think deserve a little shout out?

This is difficult as I can never keep track of them. I know they’ve been going for around a year, but I love Evexia Thrive, they do a nice range of fresh filled pastas like spinach and ricotta tortellini! The whole range literally takes seconds to cook so it’s perfect for my busy lifestyle. My other favourite (it’s not a new brand, but they’ve recently started doing gluten free products) is a little independent business called Jessica Bakes-Well. They sell the most indulgent gluten free cookie, pancake and flapjack mixes on Etsy.


We need to give these a go! Have you visited any free-from events recently that you’d recommend?

I would really recommend going to the Allergy and Free From shows in Liverpool and London! I haven’t been to the London one, but the Liverpool one was great. There are lots of discounts, you discover new brands and products, and there are lots of samples for you to try! I came back from the Liverpool one struggling to walk with all of the things I bought there!

We love the Allergy & Free From show! We can confirm that the London one is equally amazing. Okay last question. Quick fire. You’ve got one gluten free meal to cook for a friend. Go…

I think I would make enchiladas, as I love the aromas and flavours that come with Mexican style food!

Great shout. Anyone else feeling a little peckish all of a sudden?


To hear more from Georgina be sure to check out her blog over at: https://thecoeliacsloth.com/


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