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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for ladies and gents. After numerous long sleepless nights, crippling excitement and frequent anticipation attacks (are they a thing?) it’s finally time to switch on that Coeliac Spotlight once again! We stumbled upon our latest feature-ee over on Twitter, after she gave our Sausage Rolls a rave review. We thought it was only right to find out a little more about our latest BFF, the wonderful @estellosaurus!


So, Estelle, let’s get cracking! At what age were you diagnosed with Coeliac disease?

You’re honoured, I don’t like to reveal my real age…but I was diagnosed at the start of this year at the age of 30 (It’s like a really young 30 though).


Ooh, a newbie in the Coeliac community! How have things changed for you since your recent diagnosis?

In the space of almost 12 months, things have changed massively actually. When I was first told I may have Coeliac disease in 2015 (before testing), I was flying blind, the gluten free world was tricky to navigate, eating out a nightmare and cross contamination a horror story. Now though, almost a year later it’s become much easier, supermarkets are releasing bigger and bigger ranges, restaurants are offering decent, tasty gluten free options. Just my immediate friends and family to stop accidentally glutening me to overcome now!


One of the best things about the Coeliac community is the understanding we have for each other’s situations, and the willingness to share any tips or guidance we can offer. It’s great to see you doing this online! What actually led you to enter the world of blogging?

A love of writing! I love to write and when I realised I could write in a place that other people would see it and maybe even love what I had to say, well I had to do it. I’ve made blogging friends too which has been such a bonus.


Well with that in mind, it’s time to put you on the spot. Throw some recommendations our way…

Okay, I have a few! Rockfish here in Plymouth can offer almost the entire menu gluten free – the fish and chips are to die for. Bistro Pierre have a brilliant gluten free menu too and River Kitchen, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s restaurant, does a totally gluten free night once a month.


This should be an easy one…What’s the most annoying question you get asked about your intolerance?

“A little bit won’t hurt you though will it?”


Classic. We’ve heard that one before…Okay, any last words of wisdom before we send you back off into cyber space?

Don’t be afraid to tell people. I struggled with asking for a gluten free menu or to tell my family and friends I couldn’t have this or that and I often felt like I was just being awkward. You aren’t being awkward; you are simply keeping yourself healthy! There are a huge amount of sources of information and tips out there too after a quick internet search!


To find out more about Estelle’s gluten-free adventures head over to her Twitter @Estellosaurus, there’s food envy-a-plenty…

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