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The Coeliac Survival Guide

Festival Edition


Summer is fast approaching, and nothing says British summer like hoards of people, slathered in mud, drunkenly weeping to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’. Your first festival can be a daunting experience (especially so when suffering from a relentless autoimmune disease), but with a little help from yours truly you’ll be navigating those mud flats like a Hippo-on-heat.



Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail.


For a Coeliac, preparation is key. Festivals are often located in the middle of nowhere and gluten-free food stalls may well be far and few. Some will cater better than others, with Glastonbury being particularly exceptional, but packing a decent supply of gluten-free food is ALWAYS a good idea. From tinned GF spaghetti to your new favourite gluten-free sausage roll (*hint hint*), stocking up on GF goodies will ensure you’re always only a tent’s walk away from a good hearty snack.


Beer drinker? As you may know, there are some great tasting gluten-free lagers on the market and for the open plan festivals (Glastonbury, Lattitude, Bestival etc.) it’s definitely worth taking a supply with you. Our particular favourites at the moment are CELIA Organic Gluten-Free Lager or Estrella Daura Damm.



Take Control


Should you find a stall with GF options, don’t be shy when it comes to enforcing a zero cross-contamination policy. If required, enlighten the stall-holder on the severity of your illness and ensure the food you’re getting comes consequence-free.


DO NOT Gluten Yourself


Why yes drunk Freddie, that meat feast pizza does smell rather delightful, but trust us, an evening of gluten-induced bowel movements set to the distant sounds of Adele’s Hello is no way to spend a Saturday evening. Keep on moving, that No.G pork pie awaits you…




Most important of all, enjoy yourself! Sunbath, rainbath, sing a song, dance along, lose a wellie to the mud, lose your tent to a flood (highly unlikely but we needed something that rhymed with mud…). Festivals are an incredible experience, do it right and you’ll have the time of your life, whatever the weather. We might even see you there!





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