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Happy National Free From Week everyone! Now, we know for most of us Coeliacs every week is free from week, but this week is all about awareness and appreciation. It can be celebrated in a number of different ways. Maybe there’s someone you know who’s recently been diagnosed with some form of gluten-intolerance, in which case there’s no better time to take them out to that favourite gluten-free restaurant of yours. Or perhaps you know someone who needs a little help understanding the ins and outs of Coeliac Disease, giving you the perfect excuse to load up that educational power point presentation you’ve spent months working on. Here at Too Good To Be we’ll be celebrating this glorious occasion by bigging up some of our favourite brands on the free-from scene. So, in no particular order:


Ten Acre


We’re a little obsessed with this brand in the TGTB offices, worryingly so in some cases (not naming any names, Jake), so naturally when it came to laying out our faves, Ten Acre’s award winning collection of gluten free hand-cooked crisps and popcorn were top of the list. Seriously, head over to the website and check out that list of flavours – they’re unbelievably good. P.S. try the Cappuccino Popcorn




Green’s Gluten Free Beers


The first of two amazing breweries on our list, Green’s are based all the way ‘Up North’ in a little town by the name of Stockport. When told of his gluten intolerance, founder Derek Green refused to settle for the usual gluten-free alcohol alternatives (gin, whisky etc.) instead developing his very own brew. A few years later and Green’s GF Beers are producing 10 delicious varieties and stocked all across the UK. Give it a go!




Bellfield Brewery


We actually mentioned this particular brewery on a recent edition of Coeliac Cities. Based in Edinburgh, Bellfield Brewery was founded by two gluten-intolerant friends in an attempt to improve the quality of gluten free beer out there on the market – and boy did they succeed! Their range is now available all over the UK and if you’re a big fan of GF ales we’d suggest trying a pint (or, three).




Honey Buns


We’re actually already feeling a little peckish just writing the title of this next one. Honey Buns’ cakes and cookies are to die for, and anyone who’s tried one of their goodies will tell you the same thing. They’ve come a long way in the last 20 years, growing from one woman and her bike to a 30-strong team, based on an old dairy farm in the Dorset countryside. Want a recommendation? Their chocolate caramel shortbread is THE BEST.




Tenuta Marmorelle


Tenuta Marmorelle is a family run business based in Puglia, Italy. They’re mainly famous for their award winning extra virgin olive oil, but recently there’s been a surge in interest in their Gluten Free Pasta – and with good reason – it’s possibly the best gluten free pasta we’ve ever tried. The pasta is made from three entirely natural ingredients: cornflour, rice flour and water, then slow-dried and bronze drawn, preventing it from breaking up during cooking. We’d recommend everyone with a love for traditional Italian pasta gives this a go…




The Foods Of Athenry


The Foods Of Athenry is an Irish family run business that was born in the 1920’s. “In bringing up our own family we firmly believed that ‘good food promotes good health‘, so we took great care in preparing our own breakfasts, lunchbox snacks and treats. When this way of life turned into a business, we applied that same simple rule to all our delicious products – whether they be VEGAN , GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, or not.” And might be add, their products are  absolutely delicious.





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