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Spring is officially here and with it comes brighter mornings, longer nights and fingers crossed, warmer days too. Frosty noses are a thing of the past so feel the wind in your hair and breathe in the good stuff. Whatever the weather Spring means only one thing, embrace the Great British outdoors! Unfortunately often kids don’t love walking as much as you do, so here are our top tips to ensure you and your family have fun.

1. All the gear and the idea
First things first, make sure you’ve got the right equipment. There’s no point embarking on a huge hike if you’re underprepared. Ensure you’re sorted whatever the weather – layer up so you’re never too cold, or too hot, and wear waterproofs in case of the good old April showers. Make sure everyone’s shoes fit properly too, yours included, there’s nothing worse than a blistered heel. Don’t forget to take lots of water, snacks, plasters and baby wipes too.

2. It’s not a walk, it’s an adventure…
Walking sounds a little tedious but take the kids out ‘exploring’, on an ‘adventure’, or an ‘expedition’ and well, that’s a different story entirely. “Are we there yet?” will soon become a thing of the past.

3. Pack a bag
Help your little one pack a bag of things to keep them entertained along the way. A magnifying glass will allow them to get a closer look at creepy crawlies, whilst a piece of paper and some crayons means they can get stuck into bark or leaf rubbings.

4. Find the fairies
Create a story. Aren’t there fairies in these woods? And elves in the trees? Encourage your child to keep a look out for mystical creatures to build excitement and set their imaginations alight.

5. Be a tortoise, not a hare
It doesn’t matter if your kids are too old for tales of dragons; this little tip is for all ages. It’s simple. Take. It. Slow. There’s no use steaming ahead, you’ll run out of puff and get tired quicker, making the experience more of a chore than a walk in the park.

6. Take some snaps
Take a camera for the whole family to use. You can use it to take scenic shots and photos for the family album, whilst the kids will love the freedom to take a photo of whatever they like! Even if the photos are up their nose and a little blurry.

7. Pack a picnic
Hungry means hangry (hungry and angry) so take a break and stop for a picnic. There’s nothing more British than sitting on a blanket munching on slightly squished sandwiches and a packet of broken crisps, so embrace the Wi-Fi free wilderness in all its glory. And whilst you’re there you may as well throw in one of our ready to eat gluten free sausage rolls too!

8. Collect treasure
A brightly coloured leaf, a particularly shiny stone or a shell that has been swept up on the beach all count as treasure. Provide them with a special bag for all of their magical finds to make it even more exciting.

9. Splish, splash, splosh
In the words of the famous children’s book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’… If you can’t go over it and you can’t go under it you’ll have to go through it! Encourage your kids to jump in puddles and squelch through the mud. It’s quite liberating for kids and adults alike so we suggest you have a go too!

10. The pie-nal countdown
We know that our range is always Too Good to Resist, but is there really a better way to finish a long walk than with one of our hearty pies?! We beg to differ…

Our friends at The National Trust offers lots of walking routes for little legs (and long legs too). Click here to find out more.

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