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Gluten free

Vegetables are naturally gluten free. So you can eat as many as you like without worrying about the aftermath!

Taste the rainbow 

It’s a fact that if you eat a mainly veg filled diet, your plate will be a whole spectrum of colour. You’ll also be hitting those 5-a-day targets like no-one’s business….

Live longer 

That’s right veggie lovers, you could be looking at up to seven years longer if you’re a man and up to five if you’re a lady. Somebody pass those carrots!

Getting experimental in the kitchen

Being a veggie doesn’t mean you have to live off a diet of stuffed mushrooms like the Come Dine With Me contestants will have you believe. Vegetarians are more likely to mix things up by experimenting with different herbs and spices. Plus there are many delicious recipes available for you to go wild with in your kitchen, which is excellent news for the veggies who don’t like mushrooms…

More room for ice cream

Well, we had to include this one. Once you say goodbye to all the items that most of us meat eaters are guilty of hoarding in our freezers.. Ta daah… plenty of room for the good stuff.


Bye bye beloved

Are we ever closer to paradise when we open the oven door to the aroma of a freshly baked steak and ale pie? And tell me if I’m wrong- doesn’t that first mouthful of lemon and garlic seabass make you go weak at the knees? For some of us, it really is too good.

That uncontrollable urge

Pavlov and his canine pal have a lot to answer for. Someone somewhere is serving up maple cured bacon. Cue salivating response.

A lack of iron, and not the type in the basket

Being a vegetarian means that you may be missing out on the iron that pumps red blood cells round the body. You can’t just grill a steak to get the blood pumping, oh no, instead seek out high iron alternatives such as spinach, kidney beans or dried apricots.

You can’t sample local delicacies when you visit new places
Say goodbye to chorizo in Spain, steak in Argentina and Parma ham in Italy. However you can laugh in the face of patatas bravas… They’re good to go!!

Here at No.G we like ensure that there is something for everyone. We can assure you that whether you’re veggie or not, our pies, quiches and tarts are quite simply, Too Good to Resist.

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