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 Christmas Eve is so close now that we can almost taste the mince pies. Now, that may be because we ate 17 this morning, but the point is CHRISTMAS IS COMING. Whilst the average age in our office clocks in at 32, the average mental age of our staff around the Christmas period is closer to 6 or 7. As the old saying goes, sharing is caring. And as we care for you, we’ll share for you our plans for the perfect Christmas Eve!

Christmas Outfit

It’s probably right that we start with clothing. Nobody wants to see a grown adult watching Christmas films in the nude. There are a number of different routes you can go down here. Whilst most will take the simple approach of a good old fashion Christmas Jumper, some out there, like us, show true grit when it comes to their festive-wear. Full Santa Claus onsie, Rudolph socks and an elf-ear hat is our outfit of choice – and you bet we’ll be sporting it with pride.

Christmas Film

Whilst it’s a fact that Elf is the greatest Christmas film of all time, there are only so many times you can force your kids to watch it. With the hours in between repeat Elf viewings, you’ll have time for at least 3 different films. We’d recommend The Santa Claus, Home Alone and not forgetting the Schwarzenegger classic…Jingle All The Way!

Christmas Song

This is where things get a little tricky. There are just too many good songs to choose from. If you’re going down the classic route, then Little Donkey obviously comes out on top, however, should you be looking for more contemporary Crimbo-pop then eventually we’d have to settle on Fairytale of New York. Absolute no no’s include Paul McCartney’s crime against music – “Wonderful Christmastime”, Bon Jovi’s “Back Door Santa” and the 2014 version of Band Aid.

Christmas Food

Now we come down to the most important aspect of the night. Christmas Eve nibbles toe a fine line; eat too much and you’ve ruined tomorrow’s Christmas dinner, eat too little and you’re a hungry, excitable mess. We’d like to propose a pie-based evening consisting of a range of Too Good To Be Gluten Free pies – a glorious buffet of pastry perfection. Not that we’re biased or anything…

Gluten Free mince pies are the obvious go-to dessert for the evening, along with any chocolates from the Christmas tree. Although, if there are chocolates left on the tree at this point in December then you’re doing Christmas all wrong!

And that, folks, is how we’ll be spending our Christmas Eve. You’ll find the aforementioned pies by following the link below. Have a great Christmas!


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