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We have tried and tested our gluten free pancake mix and we’re pretty pleased. In fact we’ve decided that not only is it too good to be gluten free, it’s also too good to keep to ourselves!

Our gluten free pancake recipe makes six large pancakes, or twelve little ones. If you fancy anymore, or any less, just double up or half the ingredients.

  • 500ml milk
  • 250g gluten free plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Butter for frying
  1. Preparation is essential – weigh out your ingredients and prepare your toppings (we will come to those later).
  2. Put the flour into a large mixing bowl and make a hole in the centre. Crack one egg into the middle and pour in a quarter of the milk.
  3. Use a whisk (we prefer electric but if your elbows are thoroughly greased, go for it by hand) to combine the mixture. Once you have a paste, mix in another quarter of the milk and the other egg.
  4. Whisk the mixture until it’s lump free and stir in the remaining milk. Pop some cling film over the top and leave the bowl to rest for 20 minutes while you turn your attention to preparing your topping of choice.
  5. Heat a non-stick frying pan with a knob of butter. Make sure the size of your pan is appropriate to the size of your desired pancake.
  6. Stir your mix again and when the butter starts to foam in the pan, pour a small amount of the mixture into the pan and swirl around to coat the base with a thin layer.
  7. Cook the pancake for a few minutes until it is golden brown on the bottom, then turn it over (flip it if you’re brave enough but be careful, our pancakes are too good to drop!) and cook until golden on the the other side too.
  8. Repeat the method until you have used all the mixture, stirring between pancakes and adding more butter to the pan each time.

Now you have your perfect pancake it’s onto the toppings. Here are the top 10 sweet and savoury pancake toppings, as voted by the lovely people here at No.G. They’re all gluten free, of course!

  1. The Classic One: Sugar and lemon
  2. The Health Hit: Blueberries and gluten free yogurt
  3. The Hopeless Romantic: Nutella and chopped strawberries
  4. The Breakfast One: Crispy bacon and scrambled eggs
  5. The Frenchie: Ham and cheese
  6. The Banana Split: Sliced banana and gluten free strawberry, chocolate AND vanilla ice cream
  7. The American: Streaky bacon and maple syrup
  8. The Boozy One (over 18s only!): Clementine segments and Cointreau
  9. The Savvy Student: Baked beans and cheese
  10. The Exotic One: Chopped mango and honey

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