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In case the recent spate of scary clowns lurking on our streets hadn’t given it away, Halloween is just around the corner. Now this time of year brings about a number of pros and cons. Cons: the aforementioned clown infestation, pre-mature trick or treat-ers (who under no circumstances will be handed a treat of any sort), and the mess of pumpkin innards often strewn across the kitchen floor. Pros: free sweets, fancy dress and PIE BOBBING! Now, a few of you may be wondering what Pie Bobbing is. Allow us to clarify. Pie Bobbing is a little bit like Apple Bobbing, without the apples…or the water. Instead, fill a bucket with Gravy, place a few pies in the bucket and voila, you’re set to go.

For those of you without the time, resources or lack of self respect to give Pie Bobbing a go, here’s a few gluten-free ideas that’ll spice up any Halloween party…

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

This first recipe is from the main-man, Jamie Oliver. When he’s not viciously hunting down Turkey Twizzler suppliers, Jamie actually likes to spend time at home baking, and we’ve been told he bakes a pretty mean Pumpkin Pie. Not only does this stunning dessert provide you with that dinner party show stopper, it also helps use up the vast quantities of carved pumpkin laying about the house. Everyone’s a winner!


Pumpkin & Nutella Cheesecake Bites

Now these may not be a staple of Halloween celebrations in the UK, but they bloody well should be! We’re planning on whipping up a few of these bad boys for our mini-lunch-break-Halloween-party next week…the perfect snack after a good ol’ Pie Bobbing session.



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