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Here at No.G we never think we are Too Good to get even better. So, in recent months we’ve been very busy here at No.G HQ to create something extra special just for you. 

It’s more exciting than anything we’ve ever done before and you’d have thought, Too Good to Believe. We can assure you, it really is Too Good to Resist.

So… I suppose we’d better stop with the suspense… Love pie but hate calories? Well we are launching our latest concept, the Diet Pie. Still packed to the brim with delicious gluten free goodness, but not a single calorie in sight. In fact, you’ll actually burn calories eating the pie!

We won’t go too much into the science behind it all, even we are finding it tricky to get our heads around. But put simply, our studies have found that fresh meat and veg that contain high levels of glusovistacaloramite (we know, it’s a tongue twister!) and restorative clyrodamine antioxidants can turn into negative calories, resulting in, you got it.. No calories at all. So mix this scientific genius with our top chef and ta-da… The world’s first zero calorie pie.

We will be launching our revolutionary pie in all our stores on the 28th April so keep your eyes peeled, we expect them to be flying off the shelves. Share our excitement and tweet us @nog_uk using the hashtag #dietpie

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