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Happy Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you! And like any good socially-active brand, we’ve created a tenuously-linked Star Wars themed blog for your viewing pleasure.


It all began when Jake from No.G HQ decided to bring in his Star Wars Lego collection. Any questions regarding his sanity and true mental age were swiftly set aside for another time. An executive decision had been made;- the history of No.G would be forever documented in an unprecedented collision of two worlds – Star Wars and Pie. (Names have been changed to protect identities).


So… A long time a go, in a galaxy far, far away…

…there lived a boy – Luke Pie-Walker was his name. The provision of gluten-free goodies was his game. Luke was born into a working class family, on the desert planet of Glutona. Born a coeliac, Luke spent his days wandering the planet in search of food that was both gluten free *and* edible.


…Little did Luke know, he was up against forces that mere mortals such as you and I could not begin to comprehend, for the creation and provision of tasty treats on planet Glutona was controlled by none other than Darth Pastry. Darthy P believed Gluten Intolerance to be a fad, nothing more than the ramblings of fussy eaters.


He had to be stopped at all costs, and there was only one man for the job.

…Luke had frequently heard stories of Pastry’s hideout, nestled deep within Pie Mountain. He knew what had to be done. Darth Pastry had to be thrown into the pie-cano (an oddly specific death one may think, but who are we to question destiny?). Luke said his goodbyes and to the mountains he advanced…


…”I’ve been expecting you” said Pastry as he withdrew his lightsaber. “It doesn’t have to end like this!” cried Luke. His words were of little avail and Pastry darted towards him with a look of terrifying malice. Sparks flew, lighting up the night, a beautiful sight were it not for the trouble unfolding. Pastry took a bold swing and missed. One kick was all it took. Pastry hurtled into the pie-cano, followed only by his dying screams.


…Luke had done it. Coeliacs of Glutona rejoiced. They were free at last!!!


So there you have it. The absolutely 100% inaccurate story of our origins. That being said, the quest to find delicious gluten-free snacks can, at times, feel like a true struggle – we’re here to change that. Check out our out-of-this world goodies here: www.toogoodtobe.co.uk.

Until next year…May the 4th be with you!

*Please note. There’s not a shred of truth in the above story. Absolutely none whatsoever. Wednesdays are just very quiet at No.G HQ….

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