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Our Head Chef Phil Bohemia has something in common with the other luminaries of his chosen profession.

He’s an absolute perfectionist.

But then that’s hardly surprising when you consider his training has taken in stints with celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Brian Turner and in the kitchens of the prestigious Claridge’s luxury hotel in London.

And, in common with many top chefs, Phil has a particular passion: in his case perfecting the ultimate gluten-free pastry.

As Phil explains:

“I’ve always been obsessed with taking good, old-fashioned, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth pastry to the next level and lately I’ve also become fascinated by the challenge of creating the ultimate pastry that also just happens to have all the health benefits of being gluten free.”

“Like all the best things, though, it didn’t just happen overnight. In fact, it took me over a year to develop a recipe that, though I say so myself, is about as close to pastry heaven as you can get!”

“Couple that with some mouthwatering fillings that give some great British favourites a much-needed twist and you have pies, quiches and tarts that really are Too Good Full Stop!”

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