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Happy National Free From Week, everyone!

We know what you’re thinking, folks…isn’t every week free from week for us? Well yes, valid point, but unfortunately we’re only allowed one week to claim as our own – the other 51 are already taken by highly important campaigns like National Bow Tie Week, or Sausage Appreciation Week. NEVER get in the way of a man and his right to appreciate sausage.

This week isn’t just about us and our delicious gluten-free goodies; it’s about celebrating all of the free-from products that are available in the market today. For those amongst you with Coeliac Disease or any kind of intolerance, you’ll know just how much things have changed in recent times. Availability of ‘free from’ produce has sky rocketed over the past few years and this dedicated week gives us a chance to give y’all involved a virtual pat on the back. Whether you work for a brand making new and innovative products, a customer campaigning for better provisions, or even a supermarkets worker stocking that all important free–from aisle…this week is for you!

Now we could just leave it there – a few nice paragraphs spreading the free-from love to our peeps, but no. In the paraphrased words of Skepta – that’s not us. We want to give something back and give you a chance to bag some #GlutenFreebies!

1. Fill your basket with £50 worth of product from our online shop.
2. Take a picture of it
3. Tweet it to us @nog_uk using the hash tags #nationalfreefromweek #glutenfreebies

Celebrate National Free From Week with Too Good To Be Gluten Free #GlutenFreebies

The winner will receive their chosen products, and will be announced on Monday October 2nd – get those baskets filled!

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