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It’s thought that pies have in fact been around since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. These pies consisted of ground oats, which were baked and then wrapped around a honey filling, a far cry from the pies we eat today. It was then the Ancient Greeks who invented the first proper pastry and the Romans who gave birth to what we recognise today as a pie.

Since the Roman times, things have changed again and we are left with countless options when it comes to our pie filling. But we wanted to find out which pie is in fact, the top of its game and the nations favourite.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately the entire nation were unable to comment on the pressing matter of pies, so we decided to throw the question around No.G HQ instead.

As shown by our (very appropriately named) pie chart, you can see the clear winner is the classic Steak and Ale.


And, a shock to many, cheese pie came flying in, in second place!

Whatever the flavour, we are pleased to say that waving goodbye to gluten doesn’t mean you have to miss out. We offer a wide selection of sweet and savoury gluten free pies which are simply too good to miss and you’d have thought, too good to be gluten free. Click here to see our full range.

Let us know what your favourite is!

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