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Happy New Year from Too Good To Be!

(We’ll start off by letting you know that the original title to this blog post was going to be New Year’s Resoglutens. We’ll leave that there for you to either applaud with considerable joy or glare at with disgust.)

Anyway, like most of you reading this blog we very rarely stick to our New Year’s Resolutions; in fact, we’re not sure we’ve ever gone past the 2nd January. So instead of sinking to the depths of despair, wondering if we will ever get over our inability to commit, we decided to write down four things that we think you should try in the New Year. We thought by writing down these resolutions and encouraging others to follow them, our conscience will forgive us for our failures in the past. Will this work? Probably not, but here they are anyway…

  • Get out there and try some of the great Coeliac-friendly restaurants that the UK has to offer. In recent years, the effort that restaurants are making to cater for people suffering from the disease has increased dramatically, especially in the capital. We’ve written a number of blog posts in the past with recommendations, meaning you have no excuse not to give it a go!


  • Go a whole year without glutening yourself. Now obviously this isn’t always avoidable, however it’s more about making a more conscious effort to stay healthy no matter the circumstance. This resolution is mainly targeted toward the drunk-gluteners amongst you. Those of you that, when faced with a pizza shop after a wild night on the town, can’t help but go for the dough. It’s never worth it in the morning!


  • Don’t suffer in silence. The understanding of the disease is better than ever, and any chef worth their salt should be sufficiently knowledgeable on any allergens within his dishes. Furthermore, if you made the relevant people aware of any issues from the beginning of the meal, then there really is no excuse for cross-contamination and/or an unwanted glutening. There is a huge Coeliac community out there – you won’t be the first to speak up and you definitely won’t be the last.


  • Introduce a friend to GF cooking. Having a companion who shares your diet can make things a whole lot easier! Whether it’s testing that new Gluten Free restaurant down the road, trying out recipes or gorging on a platter of our Gluten Free Pork Pies – doing it with a buddy is much more fun. See our blog post about ‘Why You Should Try Gluten Free’ for the facts and figures you need to persuade the pal of your choosing; and what better time for them to start than the 1st January!


So there ya’ go. Your New Year’s Resoglutens. Yep, we used it. #SorryNotSorry

Happy New Year!

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