The Coeliac Survival Guide – Festival Edition

Events, Funny, General 5th April 2017

The Coeliac Survival Guide Festival Edition   Summer is fast approaching, and nothing says British summer like hoards of people, slathered in mud, drunkenly weeping to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’. Your […]

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Coeliac Spotlight – Becky

General 3rd April 2017

It’s that time of month ladies and gents, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…THE COELIAC SPOTLIGHT. The question is, who will it shine on this month? Well we’ll give […]

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Events, General 1st April 2017

It’s a very special day here at Too Good To Be. After months and months of preparation, countless sleepless nights and a number of experiments-gone-wrong, we can finally announce that […]

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Pastry Horoscopes

General 28th March 2017

Since the dawn of mankind, we’ve searched the stars for answers to some of life’s great mysteries. From cave-dwelling humanoids seeking clues to the afterlife, or Barbara down the hairdressers […]

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British Pie Week!

Events 9th March 2017

Happy British Pie Week! So we’re half way through the greatest week in the calendar year and we’ve already eaten our weight in pie. Seriously, It’s been non-stop chomping here in […]

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World Records…

News 3rd March 2017

There are two things we dreamt of when we were kids. The first was meeting H from Steps, which sadly never happened. Partly due to the demise of steps and […]

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Pancake Day! 😍

Events 27th February 2017

So on my way in to the Too Good To Be offices at 9am this morning, I hear the distant sounds of what I could only assume to be a […]

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Happy ‘Random Act of Kindness’ Day!

General 17th February 2017

We were informed today by one of our interns that it is in fact, as the title suggests, International Random Act of Kindness Day. Now for some of the more […]

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