World Records…

News 3rd March 2017

There are two things we dreamt of when we were kids. The first was meeting H from Steps, which sadly never happened. Partly due to the demise of steps and […]

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Pancake Day! 😍

Events 27th February 2017

So on my way in to the Too Good To Be offices at 9am this morning, I hear the distant sounds of what I could only assume to be a […]

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Happy ‘Random Act of Kindness’ Day!

General 17th February 2017

We were informed today by one of our interns that it is in fact, as the title suggests, International Random Act of Kindness Day. Now for some of the more […]

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Happy St. David’s Day!

General 17th February 2017

We’ve got a Welshman in the office and you’d be damned if you didn’t know it. The endless rugby chat, the continuous buzz of Tom Jones spilling out of their […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day 😍

Events 14th February 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful people! 😘 Seeing as more than a third of Brits will eat in for Valentine’s Day this year*, but with more than 13% of the UK […]

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Too Good To Be Valentine’s Day…

Events 13th February 2017

We don’t know about you, but we’re sick and tired of these rom-coms and the unrealistic visions of romance which they portray. Thinking of standing outside my window in the […]

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Happy Chinese New Year

General 28th January 2017

COELIAC CHINESE NEW YEAR Chopsticks at the ready ladies and gents, it’s almost time for our second favourite New Year of the Year AKA: Chinese New Year AKA Eat-dumplings-until-you-feel-sick day! […]

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Should I become a blogger? 💻

General 23rd January 2017

One of the greatest things about the internet, aside from the vast quantities of memes, is its ability to act as a breeding ground for millions of different communities that […]

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Happy New Year!

General 1st January 2017

Happy New Year from Too Good To Be! (We’ll start off by letting you know that the original title to this blog post was going to be New Year’s Resoglutens. […]

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