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Let’s get straight to the point. The two best things about Christmas is the food and the films. They also appear to be the two Christmas-related subjects upon which we argue most about here at Too Good To Be HQ. As the blog-crafting mastermind in the head office, I decided to utilise my fellow employee’s love for a good festive debate and up the ante a little bit with a question that combines the two – ‘What’s the best pie/Christmas film combo and why?’ Sure enough, fiery debate ensued, and after hearing them argue it out for well over half an hour I decided I had enough to go on and left them to it. Here are my findings:



*WARNING: Extremely tenuous links ahead*



  1. Steak & Ale Pie / Miracle on 34th Street


As the oldest option in each of their respective categories it was only right that we pair these two together. We felt the original shared a certain rustic quality with the Steak & Ale Pie, and whilst the film centres around the belief and disbelief of Old St. Nick, there is no question as to our belief that this really is the greatest gluten free steak pie out there…






  1. Treacle Tart / Elf


Sweets feature heavily in this Christmas favourite, leaving our treacle tart as the obvious selection. We’d further suggest bringing along a tub of ice cream, buckets of candy and perhaps an industrial sized sack of marshmallows. It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, right?







  1. Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Tart / Home Alone


Picked for their loveable qualities, both Home Alone and chocolate are adored the world over making them extremely suitable companions. We’d suggest a big ol’ dollop of clotted cream and hot chocolate to accompany. A fantastic film and a healthy reminder not to forget your youngest child the next time you go abroad.





  1. Quiche Lorraine / Love Actually


Love Actually is a known tear jerker, and along with copious amounts of Kleenex you’re going to want some serious comfort food. Stick one of our Quiche Lorraine’s in the oven around 25 minutes before the films finale and your custardy companion will be ready just in time for THAT SCENE.





  1. Pork Pie / Die Hard


We’re not sure this can be legally classified as a Christmas film, and we haven’t really got a valid reason to link the two, but after hearing Jake yell “Pork Pie Die Hard” repeatedly throughout the course of the discussion we felt it a necessary inclusion, if only to prevent backlash.






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