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???? The instant bond when you meet a fellow coeliac in the gluten free aisle. 
It can be pretty frustrating when it seems that nobody understands your day-to-day struggle. So when you clock someone eyeing up the gluten free cakes, you have the sudden urge to make them your new best friend and more often than not, they feel the same way too.

???? When everyone’s Instagramming pictures of their Krispy Kremes and you’re just sat there like… 
Here I am with my overpriced, tasteless alternative…

???? Feeling like a weirdo when you order your food in a restaurant and check a minimum of three times that it’s definitely gluten free. 
Cross contamination can be a huge issue when eating out. We know all too well that your ‘gluten free’ pizza won’t be worth eating if there’s even a trace of anything wheaty in its vicinity.

???? Bread is more a gaping hole, than a piece of bread.
For some reason gluten free bread just isn’t the best. But fear not, here’s our recipe for some delicious homemade gluten free bread.

???????? When you find something new in the gluten free section. 
Most people may never find themselves ‘woop wooping’ in the supermarket, but when you spot a new gluten free product on the shelf, you just can’t help yourself. Plus, No.G is now being stocked in more and more supermarkets across the country so if you find us, ‘woop woop’ to your hearts content.

???? Having to be wary of what you put in your mouth and also on your mouth, after finding out lipstick may also contain gluten. 
Seriously? Need we say anymore? What fresh hell is this?!

???? When people bring in treats to work and you sit there empty handed watching your colleague eating a jam doughnut.
This should absolutely be recognised as a form of torture. There’s nothing more distressing than watching someone lick the sugar from their gluten eating lips, whilst you sit and look at your browning banana.

????Google is your best friend.
It’s not always a simple task to work out if something contains gluten so more often than not it’s easier to ask Google. Our most recent revelation came on Pancake Day when we discovered that Nutella is gluten free. Yippee for Nutella!

???? The frustration when you read ‘gluten free, but may contain traces of wheat and therefore not suitable for coeliacs.’ 
In that case… It’s not gluten free. Grrrr…

???????? The joy when you discover there is a brand that allows you to enjoy pies, quiches and tarts without worrying.
Three cheers for No.G! Our range is so delicious that even your gluten-eating friends won’t be able to tell the difference. You’d have thought it was Too Good to be Gluten Free but we can assure you, you’ll find no traces here!

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