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1. Help the homeless
There are many reasons why someone may find themselves on the streets but there’s no denying, whatever their story, it’s not a nice situation for anybody to be in. Buy a homeless person a drink and give them a little bit of your time to chat.

2. Inspire someone 
Write a motivational message on a little note and leave it in a random place for someone to find. ‘Whoever you are, you are great and you can achieve anything you want to achieve… Believe in yourself.’

3. Do something small 
Pick up a little treat on the way home from work or on your lunch hour and give it to someone you appreciate. It could be their favourite chocolate bar or something silly that reminds you of them. No matter how small, a token gesture is sure to touch their heart.

4. Carry a bag (get it, carrier bag!)
Help someone with their shopping bags as they struggle out of the supermarket. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to track down your car keys when your arms are loaded up with a week’s worth of shopping, so save someone the hassle and take a couple of bags off them.

5. Spread the word
Most people enjoy switching off and getting engrossed in a good book. Leave a book you really enjoyed on the train and a note encouraging someone else to read it.

6. Smile 
There’s nothing more contagious than a smile. Make sure you smile at the person that serves you your morning coffee, flash a grin at someone across the office, or simply show your teeth to someone who look like they need cheering up.

7. Say hello 
Being on your own can become rather lonely. Visit someone who seems to be alone more often than not. It may be an elderly relative or a neighbour. You could make someone’s week by spontaneously dropping by for a cuppa.

8. Give compliments 
Give compliments. We aren’t asking you to be false, but if your colleague genuinely looks hot stuff or your mum is wearing a lovely new scarf – then tell them! It’s always nice to receive a pick me up.

9. Put pen to paper 
Write a letter and let someone know just how much you appreciate them. In a world of technological advances it’s easy to forget about a good old fashioned letter and knowing that someone has taken the time to personally write to you, is very touching.

10. Share a pie 
Of course we have to put this one in. Share one of our delicious gluten free pies, quiches or tarts with someone. Or if you’re feeling extra kind, treat them to one for themselves.

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