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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the season you’ve all been waiting for. Summer has finally graced us with its presence and there are few happier to see the sun than us lot here at Too Good To Be. We’ve seen a record number of fights over the ‘sunlight desks’ in the office in recent days, lunch break time limit violations are becoming more and more frequent, and the freezer now needs an extra kick to wedge in the plethora of white Magnums spewing over its shelves. Nonetheless we’re loving this heat, and in a display of faith to the sun god we’ve decided to share our recipe for the perfect picnic with the rest of the world…


Step one – Location


Anywhere you want! That’s the beauty of the British Picnic – you can set up shop wherever you please. Now, obviously there are more aesthetically pleasing places than others – but hey sista, if you want to scoff your nibbles atop your local multi story car park then go right ahead.


Step Two – Companions


This is much more important that one might think. You don’t want to be inviting any old Tom, Dick or Harry to your precious picnic – the selection process needs to be vigorous and merciless. What we’re mainly trying to avoid here, is bringing along that one friend who wont hesitate to pinch that last olive you were eyeing up. We all have one in our friendship group, and if you don’t, then unfortunately it’s you.


Step Three – The Grub


Alas, we’ve reach the final point, and arguably the most essential ingredient to a successful picnic. Since it’s moderately warm and we’re British, you’re going to want to stock up on a little tipple. Luckily, Prosecco is already gluten free, but for those of you fancying something a little more beer-y (that’s a word right?) then we’d recommend Brewdog’s Vagabond Pale Ale. You’ll also need cake – and lots of it. We’d suggest baking one of these fab carrot cakes the night before. We’d also suggest lying to your picnic pal with regards to expected attendance numbers of said picnic. This harmless untruth will provide the perfect excuse as to why you brought (then ate) the whole cake. Well you couldn’t just throw it away could you?!


Finally, you’re going to want to stock up on the gluten free picnic classics – sausage rolls, pork pies and scotch eggs. Not sure where to find them? Not to worry, we know a fantastic little gluten free bakery who could lend a hand (don’t pretend you didn’t see this coming…). Our coeliac-friendly goodies make for the perfect picnic basket snack and what’s more, if you order totals over £20 we’ll deliver them absolutely free of charge! Oh and one final thing. If you do head out on a picnic with any of our gluten-free treats, do send us a pic. We want to see our goodies in action!



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