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Gluten Free World Records

There are two things we dreamt of when we were kids. The first was meeting H from Steps, which sadly never happened. Partly due to the demise of steps and partly due the restraining order he had placed against us (way to treat a superfan, right?). The second was having our name in the Guinness Book of Records. We’d all but given up on the dream when we passed a copy of the 2017 edition in Waterstones. It got us thinking, what if we could actually give this a real go? We’ve an unlimited supply of pastries at our fingertips, there’s got to be something we can do, right? Right. So off we went to scour the internet in search of a breakable record. Here’s what we found…


The Longest Sausage Roll of All Time

This record is for the longest continuous sausage roll and comes in at an astonishing 365 feet. We want to know one thing…how on earth did that fit in the oven? The King Pie bakery in South Africa has held on to this record for over 12 years now, perhaps it’s time for it to be broken…


The largest Meat Pie of All Time

This record was set by catering students from Stratford-upon-Avon College almost twenty years ago, and when you see the sheer size of the pie it’s not hard to see why they’ve managed to keep their name in the book for so long! The monstrous pastry weighed 10,540 KG and contained a whopping 5,500 KG of beef. Anyone else feeling a little peckish now?


Farthest Distance Rolling a Fig Pie

Now this is the kind of weird record we love to read about. The record was set at the annual Wyonbury Fig Pie Wake, and involves the whole village coming to roll their homemade pies down a big hill. The record currently stands at 300ft!


Quickest time to eat a pie

In 2010 the record was smashed by a massive 12 seconds, making the new record 23.5 seconds. This incredible feat was achieved by the king of pie munching, Neil Collier, at the Annual World Pie Eating Championships in Wigan. Oh how we wish we were there to witness such magnificence!

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