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Zara has hit the headlines after releasing a t shirt plastered with the slogan ‘Are you gluten free?’ For some suffering from the terrible effects of Coeliac disease, they felt this glamourised a diet which for them is not a trendy lifestyle choice but instead a daily battle to avoid cross contamination.


After over 50,000 people signed a petition to get the t shirt out of the stores, Zara had no choice but to do just that. Many felt that the t shirt completely undermined the severity of Coeliac disease and feared it may spur on a lackadaisical approach towards gluten free. Yes, there’s no denying that pretty much everyone has heard of gluten free however, when it comes to an understanding of what gluten free actually means, knowledge is limited.

Whether you’re a lifestyle ‘gluten freer’ or not, here at No.G we pride ourselves on the fact that not a single trace of gluten gets anywhere near our delicious pies, quiches and tarts. We want to educate others and help them to follow in our gluten free footsteps, so we’ve made a little video for you to share with your gluten eating friends.

The t shirt has split the Twittersphere but what do you think? Is it a fun way to create awareness or another way to position gluten free as a fad? Tweet us at @nog_uk.


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