The best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Brighton

Oh we do like to be beside the sea side, that’s why for this particular instalment of Coeliac Cities we’ll be heading to Brighton! “Brighton?!” Said the big boss after we informed her of our plans for the following day. “Are you not better waiting till’ Summer when it’s a bit warmer?” she exclaimed, with a viscous undercurrent of pessimism. “Nonsense” we reply, “It’s always sunny in Brighton”. So the next day we hop off the train in our Hawaiian shirts and arm bands ready for touch of body boarding in the cool blue waters of the English Channel to find nothing but dark clouds and close-to-torrential rainfall. Who’d have thought it, ey?! Anyway, whilst sandcastles and beach cricket would’ve been lovely, we’re here for one thing and one thing only – to assess Brighton’s Gluten Free offerings! Full steam ahead…

For Something Savoury

Wolfies of Hove

There was only really one option when it came to lunch by the sea. It just had to be fish & chips. Wolfies of Hove not only make award winning fish and chips loved the whole city over, they also offer gluten-free versions of any variety of fish on their menu, every single day of the week. The batter had the perfect level of crunch, was full of flavour and it was clear that time and thought had gone into making the coeliac-friendly alternative just as good as its regular offering. Every city needs a Wolfies!

For a Little Tipple

Ten Green Bottles Wine Bar

This fine establishment serves some of the best wines on offer in Brighton, but that’s not why we’re here. Okay we lied. It is, but it’s not the only reason! TGB serves a fantastic assortment of nibbles which includes…wait for it…CHEESE AND GLUTEN FREE CRACKERS. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve ordered the cheese board in a bar/restaurant only to have to give the crackers away. Well not this time, folks. We’re keeping the whole thing to ourselves, including the wine…


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