The best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Edinburgh

So after Scottish Martin’s ordeal on our last Coeliac City adventure (See the York edition), we thought we’d give him a little treat and let him take us around his motherland in search of its best gluten free goodies. So, on a rainy Monday morning we set sail (caught the train) from Nottingham to the great city of Edinburgh. Whilst the journey itself was incredibly boring, Martin did tell us one fact that kept us entertained for a good thirty seconds of the four-hour journey. He told us that Edinburgh Castle is actually built upon an extinct volcano – with the last eruption taking place around 350 million years ago. We must confess that we didn’t actually believe him, but after extensive googling we can confirm that this is in fact true. Anyway, let’s get on with it…

For Something Sweet

After doing a little research on our journey, we found one place in particular that we knew we had to visit whatever the weather. Sugar Daddy’s is a .

0bakery based on Edinburgh’s Rodney Street and bakes only gluten free goodies – and they all look incredible! Choosing between the Nutella Brownie and the Cookie Cheesecake Bar was one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make. Okay we lied. We didn’t make the decision – we just had both…

For Something Savoury

For our savoury option we headed to Elephants & Bagels. What’s the story behind the name, you ask? Well it’s simple – the walls are covered with elephants and they serve bagels. Simple! It’s been a while since we’ve eaten a regular bagel, but if our memory serves us correctly, this gluten free alternative tasted just as good. We went for the pastrami filling and absolutely loved it. Oh, and here’s a fun little fact for any ‘Pottermaniacs’ among you – this place is run by the team behind The Elephant House, one of JK Rowling’s haunts whilst writing the first Harry Potter book.

For a Little Tipple

In usual Coeliac City style, we end the day in search of an establishment stocking a good range of gluten free beers. We read about a new brewery based in Edinburgh that brews only gluten free craft beer! Bellfield Brewery was set up by two coeliac brothers with the aim of bringing truly great tasting gluten free beer to the masses and we had to give it a try. We found a fine little pub by the name of ‘The Doric’ that sold not only Bellfield Beer, but a couple of other great tasting coeliac-friendly lagers. The Bohemian Pilsner was up there with the best we’ve tasted, or as Martin kept saying ”this is braw”. We think that means it was good?

Edinburgh really is one of the best cities we’ve visited with regards to the availability of gluten free goodies. If you’re a coeliac and thinking of planning a little getaway at some point in the future we’d highly recommend giving the Scottish capital a go!

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