The best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Glasgow

Today we’re taking an unprecedented step in the history of Too Good To Be Gluten Free, and reviewing a few restaurants in GLASGOW! We decided a little trip north of the border was long overdue, so off we went to the land of kilts, bagpipes and haggis in search of a wee gluten-free munch for the second edition of Coeliac Cities. Och aye!

Something Sweet


Entirely unrelated to the well known dating application, but a match made in heaven for any coeliacs out there with a bit of a sweet tooth. If we’re being honest, the quality of the cake we nibbled was so delicious that we could’ve left Scotland there and then as very happy bunnies. BUT the quest must continue…

Something Savoury

Red Onion

This award winning restaurant in the heart of Glasgow was opened by Chef John Quigley in 2005. Shortly after, his wife was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and they’ve offered an amazing selection of gluten free alternatives ever since. There’s even a “Gluten Free Pudding of The Day”! We went for the wild mushroom risotto with rocket and parmesan and we were NOT disappointed…

A Little Tipple


Firebird could have easily made it into the previous two categories, but in the name of fairness we had to confine it to just the one spot! Not only do they hand craft some of the finest pizzas north of the wall, they also have a great selection of gluten free beer. A real coeliac feast!

So that’s that. Sadly after hunting for a couple of hours we were unable to find a wee bit of gluten free haggis – but the selection above will no doubt suffice should you make a trip to bonny Scotland. Cheerio!

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