The best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Liverpool

We’ve decided it’s time to go on a bit of a quest. Not just any old quest. The quest to end all quests. What is the aim of said quest, we hear you yell inquisitively at your computer screen. Well digital friend, it’s to scour every major city in the UK in search of the greatest gluten-free dining spots, leaving no stone unturned and no pastry un-poked. Now to answer the question on everyone’s lips…where on earth will we start? Well folks, when it came down to it there really was only one true contender – Liverpool. Why? Because we were already there for a meeting…

It may be home of the Albert Dock, the Liver birds, two giants of English football and a small boy band that you may or may not have heard of; but what could Merseyside offer us in terms of gluten-free gorging? Quite a lot it turns out!

For Something Sweet

Gorge’us Tea Rooms

Before we get a barrage of abuse from Liverpudlians, we should point out that our first pick is not actually in Liverpool itself, but over the water in neighbouring Spital. Award winning baker, Ceri Newton, gave her cafe’s menu a complete revamp after finding out she was gluten-intolerant, and the results are utterly delicious. Her knack for baking along with her passion for tasty gluten-free alternatives shine through in the goodies, especially the Red Velvet Brownie!

For Something Savoury


Most residents of the city will already be familiar with Gusto. Situated alongside the beautiful Albert Dock, Gusto’s penchant for legit, hearty Italian food goes down a storm amongst the locals. Their dinner menu is to die for, and the best thing about it? Any of the Pasta dishes can be made gluten-free! We’d seriously suggest going for the Tagliatelle with Smoke Salmon & Dill…

For a Little Tipple

The Dead Crafty Beer Co.

You’d be highly mistaken in thinking that the craft beer revolution was confined to the capital. Earlier in 2016 The Dead Crafty Beer Co. Opened its doors, and boy were we happy to enter! They stock one of our all time faves – Black Isle gluten free beer – along with a million and one other delectable craft ales. They’re also dog friendly, for those of you heading round town with your pooch!

So there you go. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re now all set for a gluten-free day out in Liverpool. Enjoy!

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