Here’s a list of the common misconceptions about being Gluten Free:

1. You can’t eat anything.
Many people embracing a gluten free lifestyle often hear the same question: “But what on earth can you eat?!” The answer is… A LOT. There are so many foods, which are naturally gluten free- all meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, to name a few. More and more the supermarket shelves are being taken over by specific gluten free products, making it easy to have a balanced diet, and the occasional treat too!

2. Say goodbye to the good things in life.
The gluten free market has exploded and now there are hundreds of options to choose from. With gluten free pastry, pasta, cakes and bread you can still satisfying sweet cravings, ensure you get your morning piece of toast and enjoy a big bowl of spag bol.

3. Gluten free food tastes rubbish.
Talking from experience, this is most definitely not true. Our range of quiches, pies and tarts are Too Good to Resist and you’d have thought, Too Good to be Gluten Free.

4. Only Coeliacs should go gluten free.
Humans don’t fully digest wheat so cutting it out of your diet can reduce bloating and gas. Those practicing a gluten free lifestyle have commented on improved overall health and wellbeing.

5. You won’t get enough nutrients if you cut out gluten.
Wheat actually contains very little nutritional value, so eradicating it from your diet won’t cause you any harm. In fact, you’re more likely to start eating more fruit and veg, upping your vitamin intake. Plus eggs, fish, poultry and nuts are all naturally gluten free and packed with iron and fibre.

6. Wheat free means gluten free.
Don’t be fooled by the ‘wheat free’ stickers. A wheat free food doesn’t contain the grain wheat, but may still contain other sources of wheat, which may be harder to identify. Always make sure you buy specifically gluten free items.

7. You may as well just “have a bite of that sandwich.”
If you have gone gluten free due to a Coeliac diagnosis, you have to be extremely careful in order to avoid a flare up. This unfortunately means no sneaking gluten filled products into your diet, even if it’s just one mouthful. However, with the amount of yummy goods we have to offer, you won’t miss your previous life one bit.

8. You can’t go out for dinner anymore.
With a huge number of people going gluten free, more and more restaurants are left with no choice but to cater for those with specific requirements. To be on the safe side, check before you go that they offer a gluten free menu.

9. You won’t notice any difference for weeks if you switch to gluten free.
If you’ve been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, you’ll notice a difference instantly when you cut gluten out of your diet.

10. It’s obvious which products contain gluten free.
Gluten likes to surprise us and often the things we least expect are full of the stuff. Soy sauce, some soups and chewing gum all contain gluten so it’s important to check the labels.

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