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London’s Best Picnic Spots!

The scorching weather last week really brought out the worst in the Too Good To Be staff. There were fights over the seats with optimal sun, squabbles over placement of the one office fan that still works, and friendships ruined over the distribution of the limited number of ice cube trays. While all this was going on behind us, we felt it was up to the social media team to uphold the values of this fine brand and produce something of real importance to our customers. In the end we settled on offering up a few of our favourite London picnic spots, along with the ideal goodies to bring along for the ride…

Primrose Hill

Primrose hill is an exceptionally beautiful spot of land around 5 minutes walk from Camden Town. The hill boasts stunning, unobstructed views of the London skyline, making for the perfect spot to settle down with a top notch picnic in the sunshine. For this particular spot we’d recommend stocking up on a decent number of our sausage rolls – the ideal snack-on-the-go should you get peckish half way up the hill…

Greenwich Park

Another space with a skyline view – not quite as good as Primmy Hill (in our humble opinion) – but beautiful nonetheless. This patch offers enough seating to bring along some of the less-portable products in the TGTB range, providing your paper plates are up to the task. Why not rock up with a selection of quiche i.e. our Quiche Lorraine and our Quiche with Cheese & Caramelised Onion. P.S. while you’re in the area do check out the Greenwich Meridian!

Victoria Park

Now we head out to the East-end and and its abundance of fabulous green spaces. It was a tough choice, but if there’s anywhere that’ll offer up those summery vibes atop a picnic blanket it’s Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets. We’re not 100% sure why, but we feel that east end parks attract more of a pork pie vibe than anything else – so that’s what we’re going to go with for this particular spot. Why not pop over to the Royal Inn on The Park for cheeky wine as the sun starts to set…

Richmond Park

One of London’s biggest, best and arguably most serene bits of parkland – weighing in at a whopping 2500 acres. The spot is perhaps best known for its 650 deer roaming freely across the park, offering truly remarkable views as the herd gather on the outskirts of the park’s woodland. We’d suggest rocking up with a couple of tarts – the chocolate and lemon variety of course! These tasty treats will be gobbled in no time at all, limiting your chances of any hassle from those hungry deer…

Where next for our #PerfectPicnic series? Let us know over on our social channels! @TooGoodToBeUK and if you like the sound of the goodies we mentioned, pop over to our shop and fill up yo’ basket!